Sunday, October 4, 2009


White Wussian 1 vs. White Wussian 2
Aristocrat vodka and Kamora vs. Absolut and Kahlua.
First taste was not too convincing one way or the other per Megan or fellow neighborhood Lebowski fan Jason. However, both leaned toward the mix with the higher quality ingredients. Of note, the cheaper concoction did have a half shot extra of vodka which may have altered the taste. My conclusion: after one round, it would not matter.

2nd Cat
Somehow it appears we have a 2nd cat (Millie). i suppose it was to give Ralphie (cat 1) someone to play with. At first, Ralphie didn't seem to mind but now since the little one is only 6 weeks old and apparently the runt of the litter, Ralphie chases him around like she is a rodent. i suppose they are just playing.

Volleyball Championship
Just wanted to announce that our team (Bumpinators) ended up winning our volleyball championship again. Thanks to our first-time playing volleyball phenom Megan. Can't wait to sport our championship t-shirts.

During the next month, we are going to Boston for a wedding, Indiana for breakfast club (i suppose a Purdue football game as well), having visitors and then i may tag along when Megan has to work in Asheville. Who needs a house?

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