Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I love consistency.

SDJ #5/24/17
I am sick of wanting to write something and not having an outlet. I think I need to learn to make web sites. There are many things I wish I would have learned and in the years I've spent wishing, I likely could be an expert. Or maybe not. Time goes by pretty quick and accomplishing anything seems challenging.

I've contemplated posting more to social media, like a once a day to one of the outlets. I don't condone posting the same photo to all outlets. Each outlet has its own responsibility and rarely should one cross pollinate.

I was going to send a tweet, but got stuck deciding whether to use the word rode or ridden, so I gave up. Normally, I would reword the sentence but character limitations made me give up.

Free drinks ($20 value) next time I see you if you're the first person to comment on this post (value expires December 31, 2017).

Missed you.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's pretend you have a Top 5 favorite bands list that has remained unchanged since you first discovered the enjoyment of listening to music. Now imagine that two of those bands decide to go on tour together. That's what has just happened in my life with the recent announcement that Soul Asylum and Fountains of Wayne will be going on tour. It seems unbelievable and I am starting to suspect that my real life and dreams have finally started to overlap due to working overnights. Despite not coming anywhere near Charlotte and playing in no cities that I am all that interested in visiting, I plan to make it happen. I may have to do some sort of obsessive fan road trip and see a couple shows. We'll see.

This opportunity is definitely once in a lifetime for me (although I said the same thing when Butler was in the NCAA championship game for the first time). If Stroke 9 would replace Evan Dando as the supporting act, I would immediately quit my job, buy a creepy van and hit the road to follow the entire tour around the country.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Something bothering you? Better kill it.

In response to this article.

My letter to Gaston County...

Murder is not the answer to things that annoy us. Here's a few quick examples illustrating the ignorance of handling nuisances with murder.

1. I was at the pool last week and these kids kept splashing me. It was really annoying, but rather than asking the kids to move to the other side of the pool or accepting the fact that I was at a pool and would probably get splashed, I simply held their heads under the water and took care of the problem.

2. That same day, I saw this dog pee and leave a big present in my yard like he does every day. I took him out back and gassed him to death.

3. I work in Gaston County and there are many customers that I would consider a nuisance to myself and other customers, maybe Cathy Hart can come help me with these nuisances?

I obviously handled these situations in an appropriate non-lethal manner. Please let Cathy Hart know that there are preventative and non-lethal ways to deal with annoying situations. What should you do when you have a 'problem' with geese? Here's a place to start. Or perhaps the organization that had already offered their assistance, Carolina Waterfowl Rescue could offer alternatives to murder.

Why would kids think it's wrong to beat geese with sticks and bricks when the government says it's okay to kill them? Just a few months ago, kids were charged with animal cruelty for hurting geese. The government should set a better example in how they treat non-human animals. Perhaps, these government individuals should be held accountable and charged with animal cruelty as well.

It's also my understanding that there needs to be an attempt to deter the geese before taking these ridiculous actions. The park doesn't even have a "no feeding" rule. Please take action to ensure those responsible are held accountable and that this atrocity never happens again.

Sam Phillips

Email addresses for the County Commissioners:,,,,,,