Wednesday, October 7, 2009

iPhone App of the Post

i suppose there should be yet another location to find recommendations for an iPhone app that could be worth trying, so here it is. These don't have to be new, just whatever i have found and feel like sharing...more than likely they will be free of charge. App of the Post is more fitting and less demanding than claiming there will be one of the week or even month.


This application provides an easy way to share your contact info or up to four photos or contacts with another iPhone user. Sure there are other ways to send this type of information, but none provide the simple satisfaction that this program does.

Open the program, select the information, contacts or photos you wish to share and your screen will say "Ready to Bump." Now you just hold your iPhone in your hand and bump fists with another iPhone that is ready to bump and it magically transmits your information to the other phone.

Granted i haven't used this in weeks, but i still love the thought of using it and think it will likely hang around for awhile.

Categories: Useful, Entertaining


  1. How is the At&T coverage in Charlotte? I have a friend that is ready to give up his iphone because the Chicago coverage sucks so bad.

  2. BTW, this app was just on NPR during a discussion about business cards and what we are going to use in the future. The biggest hurdle for something like this was that the other person needs to already have this app installed. Otherwise, everyone sits around while they get it installed which isn't really easier or quicker than just handing over a business card.

  3. i haven't had any problems with coverage in Charlotte.
    That's why everyone should already have this app or you should not want to do business with them.