Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Since returning to soccer this winter, after every game i have had some sort of injury or ailment. i don't know why i can't stay on my feet, but the turf just tears up my knees every time they meet. Most recently, i sprained my ankle pretty badly with some pretty good swelling and throbbing a day later. i'm pretty sure i heard a pop as i stepped wrong. If our games were recorded, it would have been one of those gross replays where the player's foot lands awkwardly and you just grimace knowing it results in an injury. Unfortunately it seemed like a good idea to go through with our plans to go to a few stores today. The longer we were out and about the more i realized how much my ankle hurt. It beats a broken leg, but this sucks. i should have just stuck with Fifa for the Xbox.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinterest: Internet for chicks

Pinterest tricked me. In my quest to find a good beer app a while back, i somehow came across Pinterest. In case you don't know, it definitely has very little to do with pints of beer. In their own words; Pinterest lets you organize and share all the beautiful things you find on the web. After that description, it shouldn't have surprised me to learn i am one of the few dudes that are registered on that site. Every few days, i get an email that says, "*insert any girl's name* is now following you on Pinterest." If you think for a second it might not be a chick site, check out the ballerina pics in the "Sports" section.

To be fair, it's not really a bad site. i can usually find something mildly humorous (see pic to the right), interesting things for the home (my next shower), and an assortment of amusing things (cooking, photography, organizing) that satisfy my inner chick. Just be warned, it is indeed the Internet equivalent of Lifetime television.