Thursday, May 2, 2013

For the love of cards

Despite most all of my leftover belongings from childhood being gradually discarded over the years, i recently came across an assorted box of unopened packs of cards. Do you know how hard it is to not open a pack of cards when you're a young collector? It takes a lot of restraint. Initially, i was pretty excited thinking, "Wow, these cards are from the early 1990's and some even the late 1980's, they are probably worth something!" 
They're not. 

It's a random collection of packs including some standard baseball packs as well as several that I thought would be more rare/tougher to find/more valuable such as World Cup 1994 cards, Batman Returns, 1989 Panini baseball stickers, some minor league packs. All unopened, all for sale on Ebay for the exact amount of "not worth the effort to sell." So what do i do with them? Open them for the nostalgic fun of opening packs? I did open a pack of World Cup cards. So if you're looking for the Brad Friedel Stand Out Performer, Eric Wynalda, or Romario to round out your old soccer card collection, make me an offer.