Tuesday, October 27, 2009

App Addiction: 5 4 3 2 1 (Games)

*i should note, the 5 4 3 2 1 will typically be followed with an indication of how long it is worth keeping around, but not always*
5 Seconds - Two games that are almost fun for one go around are iDare and iDrunk Tank. 
In iDare, you stab a pencil in the pattern that you choose trying to avoid hitting your virtual hand. The game might be enjoyable if there were actual game modes other than free-for-all trying to get a high score. They appear to be available for $0.99, but no thanks. The highlight is when you actually stab your hand.

In iDrunk Tank, you are a drunk sitting on a barstool so naturally i thought i should do quite well. The object is to keep him from falling off by balancing him using your iPhone while also trying to grab drinks as the bartender throws them down the bar. If you can maintain interest long enough to beat 7 drinks in 56 seconds, you're a bigger lush than me. One good feature of this game was that it didn't force you to save your score like some other games do, rather it gave it as an option. 

 4 Good- The game that got me through several flight delays and has me considering paying a whopping $0.99 for the full version is called Rope 'n' Fly 2 Lite. In the lite version, you simply start off by falling out of the sky and you proceed to shoot a rope to the next building by touching the screen. To release the rope touch the screen again. Repeat and see how far you can swing in 30 seconds. It's like a lego man with the ability to shoot out webs like SpiderMan looking all Pitfall-like in his swinging.The full version has a number of game variations that sound enticing: seeing how far you can get on one rope, timed modes, distance modes. Even if i don't upgrade, i'll keep this one around for good. 

 3 times - TightWireLite recently improved the free version to include two settings and improved sound and complete falls. Still, i can't seem to enjoy it much. The 3 times you will use this include two times playing and one time to show someone else. It's a neat looking game especially now with the complete fall and sound, but i don't do well in games where you have to balance using the iPhone (accelerometer-based games).

2 Versions - It seems like some sort of unwritten requirement to have some sort of word puzzle game on your iPhone. i chose Word Scramble and then ended up with Word Scramble 2. i don't know if there is much difference if any. i like this over another version i played because you can drag your finger over the letters to form your word rather than just picking at the letters (still an option). Playing online against others is nice and all, but i am nowhere near their scores. Maybe i just need practice or learn more words, but i'm not familiar with the following: etui, inti, seton, lunet, haint, gerah. All of which scored points. So, maybe it's not the best game, but it is still addicting to play.

#1 for now - WarpDefense is a tower defense type game. Addicting as expected, you just set up different weapons around a maze and try to prevent the bad guys from making their way through. Just to make sure i still liked this game, i took a break to play and 20 minutes went by before i realized that i was in the middle of doing something else.
The weapons give a description of what they do on the side, but it takes some playing to actually know what weapons you want where and how increasing their range, power, etc works out in the end.
Apparently i lucked out and got it when it was free because now it is back up to $0.99.

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