Friday, April 30, 2010

Return of the Allied

On the road again with the Allied...

I hope someone has been keeping track of all the places the Allied frisbee has traveled.
Feel free to share your favorite Allied memory.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Runner up.

The other weekend was an amazing weekend in Indianapolis despite not winning the national championship. It wasn't too long ago that making it to the tournament was the ultimate success to the season. The drive home with a Butler painted car was filled with thumbs up from random West Virginia fans or fist pumps from unidentified cars and the occasional mocks from Duke fans. More people know Butler now. It's different to have people at work in NC know some of the Butler players names.

I got to see a plethora of old Butler friends walking around downtown or meeting up at the bars. It was like a huge unplanned homecoming.

One more trip to Indiana this weekend for a wedding and that should be it until maybe the end of the year. We have so few weekends off together, going to Indiana every time isn't what we have in mind.