Friday, October 9, 2009

iPhone App of the Post

With this post, i will start by explaining a new term i plan on using: PPR or Potential Product Replacement simply referring to an app that could replace another device or product in your life.


Could have used this in college to DJ from afar or the other week when i was on the couch and forgot to turn off my music. As of right now, i've simply used it to avoid Alt-Tabbing while sitting at my computer. However, it is clearly a handy app to have. This app acts as a remote control for the iTunes on your computer or if you have Apple TV

Extremely simple to use and easy to setup. All you need is to be on the same wireless network, type in the code from your phone into iTunes and you instantly have access to change songs, adjust the volume and search your iTunes database.

Thanks to the other Sam at CVS for informing me of this one.

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