Thursday, October 22, 2009

Modern Family

Watch "Modern Family (Hulu link)." It is funny. It has the Al Bundy guy, a hilarious gay couple, funny kids, Arrested Development humor, and an unfortunate 'does so much to make you feel uncomfortable for him Michael Scott' character. "How I Met Your Mother" is the only other show i currently look forward to watching every week. Two quick scenes...

While the mom was talking about her newfound love interest...
Mom: "He's a logger"
Claire: "Like a lumberjack?"
Mom: "No, he logs data in a cholesterol study."

Another scene...
Mitchell: “Mom’s back.”
Jay: “Your Mother?”
Mitchell: “No, your mother. She’s back from the dead. Yes, my mother.”
Jay:  “My mom would be less scary.”

How about a clip...

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