Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's pretend you have a Top 5 favorite bands list that has remained unchanged since you first discovered the enjoyment of listening to music. Now imagine that two of those bands decide to go on tour together. That's what has just happened in my life with the recent announcement that Soul Asylum and Fountains of Wayne will be going on tour. It seems unbelievable and I am starting to suspect that my real life and dreams have finally started to overlap due to working overnights. Despite not coming anywhere near Charlotte and playing in no cities that I am all that interested in visiting, I plan to make it happen. I may have to do some sort of obsessive fan road trip and see a couple shows. We'll see.

This opportunity is definitely once in a lifetime for me (although I said the same thing when Butler was in the NCAA championship game for the first time). If Stroke 9 would replace Evan Dando as the supporting act, I would immediately quit my job, buy a creepy van and hit the road to follow the entire tour around the country.