Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big day?

Today is a big day. Two big addresses to the nation:

Barack Obama vs. Steve Jobs

For a successful state of the union, Obama should just address Jobs. get it? jobs. Forget it.
So which will have a greater impact on my future? My money is on the leader of Electronics in the Free World. Sorry Mr. President of the USA. While i don't see my need for something like the iTablet or whatever the big announcement is, lets just say i didn't see my need for an iPhone. i'm sure Obama will promise jobs and a health care plan we can all agree on, but really everyone will still be wondering how the Apple announcement is going to change the future or just wishing Obama wouldn't be interrupting their regularly schedule programs.  

In other news, check out this winner. This lady was charged with 3 DUIs in one week after 3 accidents. Amazing.

Movie Notes:
  • After a small string of good movies seen at the theater (Blind Side, Avatar), "Legion" was just off the mark. It was actually pretty good up to a point, but then i felt they kind of gave up. It's hard to imagine the world can be saved by the child of a white trash girl who got knocked up and having a hero character with a southern accent just doesn't work.
  • Megan's need for Dexter has caused us to increase our Netflix from one to three disc at a time. Weeds Season 5 to follow.
  • If you are looking for a good instant Netflix movie, try "Milk."
Random notes:
  • With Megan working the night/morning shift this week (approximately 2am to 10am), my wake-up times the past few days have ranged from 2am to 4am. Of course when you go to bed between 6 and 8 every night, it's not so bad.
  • When someone comes to your door advertising a security system, how do you answer when they ask, "Do you have a security system?" It made me nervous and makes me want to get our security system a little quicker. They're clever.
  • Millie had her foot re-splinted yesterday and so far, it is still on.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Here's a little video of Millie gimping around after jumping/falling off from the loft. She looks so pathetic when she walks using just 3 legs. Ironically, before we got Millie, someone from work offered me a 3-legged cat but when i asked Megan if she wanted another cat, she turned it down. i guess it was just meant to be.

Turns out she has a "mid shaft complete fracture of her fourth metacarpal bone in her front left paw" and she'll be splinted for the next 4 weeks. She must have known she was going to get spade and de-clawed this week.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

iPhone App of the Post

Evernote has essentially replaced my need to carry a notebook in my back pocket. Not only does that preclude me from a literal pain in the ass or spiral ass indentations after being seated for extended periods of time, it allows me to access thoughts more easily via the Evernote Web site. i just need to remember to tag things more often so i can find them once i accumulate more clutter than i want to visually sort through. However, the search feature is great at searching within notes.

With this app, you can record notes via text, voice or picture. It also tracks where you make the note in case you have a location-based important reminder. 

In honor of this recommendation, here's one of my beer reminders made in the past 6 months.

Hopefully, i'll remember not to buy this particular Starr Hill beer again...our initial reactions:
"first drink taste like urine or what I imagine urine taste like - megan
"hmm. taste like urine mixed with twigs and leaves." -sam

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Christmas Lapses.

Ever since i learned the humor/entertainment that can be derived from the simplest activities when caught on a time lapse video, i've been a fan. So if you weren't present this year when Megan and i opened presents and you weren't (except you Megan), here's a time-lapse recap:

(the cats kind of make it amusing)

Thursday, January 7, 2010


One more night of work this week which was actually a shortened week due to a 2-night vacation to Snowshoe, West Virginia for some skiing...actually snowboarding. For the second time in my life i got on a snowboard. This time went much better and i actually never traded it in for skies. i even successfully made it down a Blue.

The first night may have been the coldest weather i've ever been in. Unofficially, the windchill was in the negative 20 range while we were out there!! Fortunately the next day was slightly warmer and a newly-purchased face cover helped. i don't know that i'll ever do skies again.

Fortunately for me, we had Michelle with us who specializes in lacing up snowboots and snowboarding lessons. This is a video of Megan when she was self-teaching herself  on the snowboard last year. i love her excitement when she comes to a stop. It was too damn cold to take pictures this time around, so i have no proof that i was able to snowboard.