Thursday, May 20, 2010

Can't wait for June!

June looks like a fantastic month. Wedding, World Cup, not much Work.
As it stands, i am scheduled to work just 8 nights in the month of June. (Sorry Carl). How is this possible you might ask? Well, i swapped to work Memorial Day weekend for the June 5th weekend. Not my choice, but i didn't have any plans for Memorial Day so why not. Also, i am taking 3 nights off for this little wedding vacation we're taking to Cancun. What up? To be fair, i am working a 10 night stretch to finish off May.

So yeah, just over one month before we get married. Kind of a big deal. Then there is the 2010 World Cup.
Let's take a look at the USA games.
June 12th - England 2 PM ---Perfect. i have no obligations this weekend and invite all to come for the sorta-annual Beer-BQ....i immediately digress...this is lake weekend...could be a major soccer viewing problem.
June 18th - Slovenia 9:30 AM --- i work this weekend, i will be off to watch the game but it falls in my 12 hour window of off-work time, so enjoyment will be limited.
June 23rd - Algeria 9:30 AM --- This is the one that sucks.  i'm not sure who scheduled our flights to Cancun at 11:30 AM, but that essentially means i'll be watching this from the airport and could elevate or damper my initial mood in Cancun.

i almost hope USA finishes 2nd in their division so i can watch the game Sunday morning instead of the alternative which would be a kickoff time just 4 hours before the wedding ceremony.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Feeling Blue

Less than two years old, this computer is experiencing blue screen symptoms. Not sure why it works in safe mode with networking, but not in full mode. Even after a system restore of about a week ago, it still won't load. Who knows. Aside from being able to play iTunes, all i use my computer for is Internet anyway and i can do that which gives me time to consider my options. It's definitely time to finally buy a hard drive to back up all the goods (music and photos). Any recommendations on that stuff? i heard one recommendation to abandon the laptop and go for an iPad. Seems too early for me to adopt that technology.

Time to go back to work tonight after a nice week off. Only signs of the severe sunburn are some minor itching and the final stages of shedding my skin. Speaking of grossest things ever. We were eating outside at a restaurant this week when my face was in full peel mode. There was a strong breezy current blowing from our table inward toward the rest of the tables. At one point, i'm pretty sure a skin flake may have blown inward toward the other people's table. i'm sure they couldn't even taste it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appreciating Nothing

You never truly appreciate what you don't have until you have it. That's what they always say, or should have said anyway. In this case, i'm talking about little things that can affect your everyday life to the point of being aggravating and disruptive. Some people have headaches or muscle spasms or trouble sleeping.

i thought things were getting better with my sunburn when i was able to sleep half-way on my side last night, but then today i itched. i've never experienced such a dramatic sunburn itching irritation. At times the itch was so intense i was screaming profanities at the cats. After taking a shower (i think the spray just helped scratch areas i couldn't reach), i used aloe which felt like it intensified the itch, i took another shower to wash it off, then i even tried vinegar (desperate times call for Google searches), then i starting popping pills (some Benadryl and ibuprofen). Finally i used some CVS cream with vitamin E i found in my bathroom supplies. After thinking, i am gonna lose this battle, i threw on a shirt and left to run some errands. They sort of subsided to a tolerable point, but now that i'm just sitting here thinking about it, i feel like they're creeping back.

Just be thankful for everything you have and more importantly, the things you don't have.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Savannah Recovery

We had a really great weekend in Savannah and now i sit on the couch wondering why the hell i thought spending several hours on the beach without sunscreen would be a good idea. Fortunately it is gloomy outside because just seeing the sun makes my skin hurt more. i really just want to lie in bed until after i shed off the painful skin, but it is impossible to lie down comfortably. i keep getting cold but i can't put on a shirt. Luckily, i can justify my lazy day because i am waiting on the cable guy to show up between 8-noon.

Friendly reminder, taking sunscreen with you on the trip does no good if you don't take it with you to the beach and actually apply it.