Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Home again.

After traveling the past few weekends, we are finally back home in Charlotte with no major travel plans in the foreseeable future.

Very enjoyable city. Megan claimed it may be her new favorite city to visit. Utilizing real public transportation systems always leaves me wondering why every city does not have a convenient rail system. Yes, the answer to my wondering is probably money.
Ironically, we got to hang out with multiple friends from Indy who happened to be in Boston at the time and not even for the wedding we were there for.

In an equal opportunity trip, we went to a Purdue football game to try to offset the higher number of Butler games attended. We couldn't have picked a better game. For the first time ever, i saw the end of the game as Purdue defeated The Ohio State.
Highlights include: Purdue win, going to Jakes twice on Friday then getting denied entrance on Saturday morning and having Megan's ID taken away and having to chase down this Royal Douche Bag to get it back.

Sick house
Now we are home and both cats are on liquid amoxicillin and one gets an eye ointment twice a day. Luckily our neighbor is a vet...although i do have him to blame for having more than one cat these days.

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