Thursday, June 14, 2012

Days 7 and 8: 8 days off?

If you don't sleep during the day before you start back to work you get a bonus day off and then you are ready to sleep right when you get home the next morning. Typically, without sleep, i'm only a little more tired on the first night and only slightly more easily annoyed than usual.

Day 7 was a full day for us. We picked up some satisfying vegan cuisine at Zizi's for lunch, saw Prometheus 3D IMAX (bogo tickets from fandango), walked around the mall, played some games at Dave and Busters (half price Wednesday), ate at Thai House for dinner, then met some friends for drinks and a vegan cupcake at our current addiction Common Market.
Day 8, i lounged around doing nothing until we finally made dinner and went to volleyball. Sadly, it was a pretty crappy volleyball night. With less than two hours until work starts again, i will relax and try not to think about the fun that awaits the next 7 nights.

iPhone apps stuck on waiting

If your iPhone ever gets stuck on waiting when attempting to download or update your apps, there is an easy fix. You just go in and make sure there is nothing stuck downloading in your iTunes (on the phone). Clear the junk out trying to download in iTunes and everything will start downloading as it should. i learned this here after turning my phone on and off, hard resetting my phone, then resetting all data from an earlier date. This problem was really annoying because the apps i wanted to use for a day were all stuck on 'waiting' mode. Worthless. But now it's fixed and i'm happy.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 3 and 4

Forgot to finish and post this one apparently...

After a few hours at the pool, roller derby was pretty sweet on Saturday night. Met some friends beforehand for some drinks at Hickory Tavern which i always find agreeable (drinks, not Hickory Tavern). After the bout, we had a tough time finding good vegan food since it was like 11 o'clock and our usual favorite had run out at the Diamond. Luckily their sister restaurant is on the way home because we were completely out of food at home.
Yesterday started the gloomy weather forecast until we go back to work, meaning no more sun-filled activity. We saw "Snow White and the Huntsman" yesterday after a lazy morning around the house. It was as expected. Not bad, not great. Most likely we'll see "Prometheus" today or tomorrow. i had been looking forward to a lazy day to do some things around the house sift through clothes i no longer wear, specific computer related tasks, light cleaning. Of course, nothing of value got accomplished. Thankfully, we picked up some groceries at Trader Joe's after dinner at Deejai so maybe we can finally eat at home again.
Already Monday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Days 5 and 6: Fillers

With the weekend over, it leaves just Megan and i for the most part to do something since most people are back to work. These are the filler days where we have to scrounge to do something. Potential activities include bowling, riding the jet ski, hanging at the pool, or hitting the shooting range. We both claim to have the same problem with not being able to do anything worthwhile when the other one is home. It seems true though because as soon as she left for a run, i did the dishes and started my own workout. It's a blessing and a curse to have the same exact schedule. Fortunately, we knew what we were doing when we signed on for the whole marriage thing and don't mind being around each other.

Yesterday, we went bowling and surprisingly both did very well. Neither of us left cursing the sport of bowling, which is rare. It's nice having a local bowling alley with reasonably priced $2.50 games ($1.75 on Wednesdays this summer). After bowling, we went home and grilled out some portabella mushrooms, potato packets and corn on the cob. Delicious.

Today, i'm heading to a friend's place to watch a movie, and now i'm late...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 2: Out and About

So after seeing Aziz on Thursday night, we actually got to meet him at the Danadelion Market (bar/restaurant) we went to afterwards. Sure it was just a hello, but i do believe he is the biggest celebrity i've ever come in contact with. Unfortunately, the next morning i woke up ridiculously early around 5:30 am, despite going to bed around 1:30. So that sucked for Friday as i was a little tired all day. We did get out of the house by noon and went shopping. Megan finally let out her pent up shopping spree needs at the mall while i bought a pair of socks. Then on to Target where i purchased some new white t-shirts along with another clearance hoodie. Megan's newest interest that would never cross my mind to be interested in is riding a longboard. Not sure what to make of it yet. Not that i care, but i can't imagine what the neighbors think. i'm just waiting for someone to knock on the door holding Megan by the ear saying something like, "I caught her skating on my property again. I'd appreciate it if you would keep a better eye on your wife." i'd make her apologize and bring her inside telling her she couldn't ride her board for one week. Anyway, we went to pick up her longboard which just happened to be next to our favorite vegan eatery/beer joint, The Common Market. Awesome vegan soups and excellent beer selection. If we could, i would sell our house and move next door. Day 3. Started with a workout, now contemplating a pool day or going out on the lake. Tough decisions. Tonight we will be attending our first Charlotte Roller Derby bout to watch our good friend Schmidt Storm. Beautiful day out here on the porch, but time to get the day going.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

7 off days: Day 1

It is common for me working the 7 nights on/7 nights off schedule to have an unfulfilled feeling at the end of my off weeks when we don't go traveling. However, looking back it usually appears that we have done a decent amount of activity that should leave me feeling Snickers satisfied. This week i decided i will document the week day-by-day to see where i go wrong or at least serve as a reminder of the good times.

Day 1: Switching back to Days
The key to a successful first day off is to have something planned on the first night. i recommend a 4-hour nap before your planned activity. If necessary, you can forgo sleep and lead a normal day with a little sluggishness until you reach your regularly scheduled bedtime. If you get stuck inside the house with no agenda for the evening, you may just decide to sleep all day or fall asleep early at like 7 pm then wake up at like 3:30 am, screwing up your sleep for the rest of the week and jumpstarting your feeling of worthlessness.

So we got off work at 8 am this morning, went to the gym, then took a 4-ish hour nap. Woke up, started laundry, Megan went to the pool while i finished the movie "The Goodtimes Kid" and started this blog. Tonight we are going to see Aziz Ansari from Parks and Rec in Uptown Charlotte, so far so good.