Sunday, November 1, 2009

Human hamster wheels

For awhile now, i've been thinking about the next generation gym that is energy-efficient based on their members workouts. If one little mouse can run on a wheel and turn on a lightbulb, why can't humans use the energy they burn for something useful?
i'm sure they have attempted to harvest human energy somehow before, but now seems like the perfect time with the whole energy dependence concern and health care reform. Why not combine the two and open government-run gyms and mandate a workout schedule for everyone. Not that people could produce enough to power anything other than maybe the lights in the gym, but it's a fun thought.

Apparently there are folks ahead of me on the planning of this.
Green Microgym -actual gym attempting to do this
Recent article on some Alternative Energy Web site

(i really wanted to post a picture of the Double Dare wheel from the obstacle course but apparently it is the only thing i can't find on the Internet)

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