Monday, February 25, 2013

Have a pleasant day of birth.

Happy Birthdays. While i certainly do hope that everyone has an enjoyable time on their day of birth, I just can't bring myself to wish happy birthdays. It is very rare that I send out Facebook official birthday wishes, and you most certainly are special if you get a phone call. Many family members don't even get a call. (Sorry Rousseau, i really meant to call.)

So why not give a quick happy birthday via Facebook? i contemplate doing it quite a bit. My worry is that what if i send a happy birthday to one person one day but miss someone else the next day who i actually care about. Then they think i'm a jerk for missing their birthday and end up having an unhappy birthday all thanks to my wasting a happy birthday on some random person that i may or may not have went to high school with.

Where do i draw the line for birthday wishes? Only people i have had real life interaction with in the past ten years? Absolutely anyone i happen to notice with Facebook's reminder? Only give happy birthdays when drinking? Only those who wished me a happy birthday the year before?

The sucky thing is that i actually appreciate happy birthday Facebook wishes on my birthday, yet i don't give them out. After my birthday last year, i decided that i would start giving out birthday wishes right away only to postpone it until the start of the new year to be fair to the birthdays i had already missed in the first half of the year. Then i forgot. Now i remembered again because someone i know is having a milestone birthday (21, 30, 40, 50, 65, 100) and i feel they deserve a birthday wish.

Sorry sweetie, it's the only birthday pic i could find.

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