Thursday, February 7, 2013

A few of my favorite things?

Holy shit. i hate having a terrible memory and no real opinions. 

Some banking site was asking me a few additional security questions to better protect my account in the future, but i had no idea what my answers were. The questions ranged from factual life events to preference-based options exclusive to my own personal taste buds. 

  • What was the name of your boss at your first job?    No clue. It Took me a few minutes to recall what my first job was. i was a bagger at Wiseway in case i forget. 
  • What is your least favorite vegetable?    i don't have one i like least and my vegetable preferences have changed drastically in the past year so how do i gauge my response? 
  • What was the last name of your first girlfriend?  Define girlfriend. Is it the first peck i got on the playground, the first girl i dated more than 5 years, or the first girl that said yes when a friend asked if she would go out with me? 
It's amazing what i don't really know about myself. i'm not sure it's possible to force yourself to commit to opinions especially when it comes to small things, so for now i'll accept it.   

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