Friday, February 8, 2013

A little bit of Soul

Soul Asylum has consistently been in my top 5 favorite bands since the late 90's. So there was little question if i was going to take a night off of work to see them play in Charlotte. They had played a Friday night concert series show in a little outdoor venue in 2012 and the sound quality seemed a little off and overall there wasn't a huge crowd for them, so i was pretty surprised when i saw that they were returning to Charlotte.

The show last night was good, but i felt bad for the band because there just wasn't a crowd...maybe 50 people and the majority were seated, not down in the pit. The show felt a little rushed and after each song Dave Pirner would give a mockingly-sounding "You're too kind" or something similar. i don't know if my assessment is true, but in my head his comments were a reflection of his disappointment in the turnout. i was impressed that they did actually deviate from the set list to play an audience request, April Fool. With a changing in band members, it was nice to see they knew more songs than just the ones they learned to get through a show.

i never know what to expect going to a concert in Charlotte. The last show i went to at the same venue was Langhorne Slim and i didn't expect a a turnout that night, yet there was a solid crowd.

Maybe the dreary, rainy night kept some people away and my personal opinion is they priced it a tad high ($25) to get a casual fan to come out on a school night. Meanwhile, across town Flogging Molly was performing. Who knows? But it's safe to assume they won't be returning to the Queen City anytime soon. 

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