Thursday, June 14, 2012

Days 7 and 8: 8 days off?

If you don't sleep during the day before you start back to work you get a bonus day off and then you are ready to sleep right when you get home the next morning. Typically, without sleep, i'm only a little more tired on the first night and only slightly more easily annoyed than usual.

Day 7 was a full day for us. We picked up some satisfying vegan cuisine at Zizi's for lunch, saw Prometheus 3D IMAX (bogo tickets from fandango), walked around the mall, played some games at Dave and Busters (half price Wednesday), ate at Thai House for dinner, then met some friends for drinks and a vegan cupcake at our current addiction Common Market.
Day 8, i lounged around doing nothing until we finally made dinner and went to volleyball. Sadly, it was a pretty crappy volleyball night. With less than two hours until work starts again, i will relax and try not to think about the fun that awaits the next 7 nights.

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