Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 2: Out and About

So after seeing Aziz on Thursday night, we actually got to meet him at the Danadelion Market (bar/restaurant) we went to afterwards. Sure it was just a hello, but i do believe he is the biggest celebrity i've ever come in contact with. Unfortunately, the next morning i woke up ridiculously early around 5:30 am, despite going to bed around 1:30. So that sucked for Friday as i was a little tired all day. We did get out of the house by noon and went shopping. Megan finally let out her pent up shopping spree needs at the mall while i bought a pair of socks. Then on to Target where i purchased some new white t-shirts along with another clearance hoodie. Megan's newest interest that would never cross my mind to be interested in is riding a longboard. Not sure what to make of it yet. Not that i care, but i can't imagine what the neighbors think. i'm just waiting for someone to knock on the door holding Megan by the ear saying something like, "I caught her skating on my property again. I'd appreciate it if you would keep a better eye on your wife." i'd make her apologize and bring her inside telling her she couldn't ride her board for one week. Anyway, we went to pick up her longboard which just happened to be next to our favorite vegan eatery/beer joint, The Common Market. Awesome vegan soups and excellent beer selection. If we could, i would sell our house and move next door. Day 3. Started with a workout, now contemplating a pool day or going out on the lake. Tough decisions. Tonight we will be attending our first Charlotte Roller Derby bout to watch our good friend Schmidt Storm. Beautiful day out here on the porch, but time to get the day going.

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