Thursday, June 7, 2012

7 off days: Day 1

It is common for me working the 7 nights on/7 nights off schedule to have an unfulfilled feeling at the end of my off weeks when we don't go traveling. However, looking back it usually appears that we have done a decent amount of activity that should leave me feeling Snickers satisfied. This week i decided i will document the week day-by-day to see where i go wrong or at least serve as a reminder of the good times.

Day 1: Switching back to Days
The key to a successful first day off is to have something planned on the first night. i recommend a 4-hour nap before your planned activity. If necessary, you can forgo sleep and lead a normal day with a little sluggishness until you reach your regularly scheduled bedtime. If you get stuck inside the house with no agenda for the evening, you may just decide to sleep all day or fall asleep early at like 7 pm then wake up at like 3:30 am, screwing up your sleep for the rest of the week and jumpstarting your feeling of worthlessness.

So we got off work at 8 am this morning, went to the gym, then took a 4-ish hour nap. Woke up, started laundry, Megan went to the pool while i finished the movie "The Goodtimes Kid" and started this blog. Tonight we are going to see Aziz Ansari from Parks and Rec in Uptown Charlotte, so far so good.

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