Thursday, January 7, 2010


One more night of work this week which was actually a shortened week due to a 2-night vacation to Snowshoe, West Virginia for some skiing...actually snowboarding. For the second time in my life i got on a snowboard. This time went much better and i actually never traded it in for skies. i even successfully made it down a Blue.

The first night may have been the coldest weather i've ever been in. Unofficially, the windchill was in the negative 20 range while we were out there!! Fortunately the next day was slightly warmer and a newly-purchased face cover helped. i don't know that i'll ever do skies again.

Fortunately for me, we had Michelle with us who specializes in lacing up snowboots and snowboarding lessons. This is a video of Megan when she was self-teaching herself  on the snowboard last year. i love her excitement when she comes to a stop. It was too damn cold to take pictures this time around, so i have no proof that i was able to snowboard.


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