Thursday, January 14, 2010

iPhone App of the Post

Evernote has essentially replaced my need to carry a notebook in my back pocket. Not only does that preclude me from a literal pain in the ass or spiral ass indentations after being seated for extended periods of time, it allows me to access thoughts more easily via the Evernote Web site. i just need to remember to tag things more often so i can find them once i accumulate more clutter than i want to visually sort through. However, the search feature is great at searching within notes.

With this app, you can record notes via text, voice or picture. It also tracks where you make the note in case you have a location-based important reminder. 

In honor of this recommendation, here's one of my beer reminders made in the past 6 months.

Hopefully, i'll remember not to buy this particular Starr Hill beer again...our initial reactions:
"first drink taste like urine or what I imagine urine taste like - megan
"hmm. taste like urine mixed with twigs and leaves." -sam

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