Thursday, December 31, 2009

SDJ# Content.

As much as i may complain about work, after working two nights at two different 24-hour stores, it seems that my store is probably the best fit. i can't guarantee it isn't simply the fact that i know what my role is and where everything is and what exactly is expected of me. i know for certain i prefer my drive to the others. i feel sorry for anyone who has to drive over 25 minutes each way for work. What a waste of offense...and not that i do anything with that extra time.

How can an NBA team lose so many games? It seems so statistically near impossible. The Nets are bad; winning just 3 out of 32 games. i feel like i could put together a team with people i know that don't play basketball and somehow win that many. Can you imagine jrife and clapy at the guard positions, greg and david at forward and artanisknarf at center with megan, martha and i coming off the bench? On second thought, we probably wouldn't win any games.

i think i forgot what i was typing.

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