Monday, December 28, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2

Another wonderful Christmas this year. Apparently my whining about my old desktop paid off as Megan replaced it with a new one including a pimping new monitor. Also, during my next week off i'll get to begin the beer brewing experience with my new micro-brew kit as i read "The Butler Way."
When i describe Megan's Christmas gifts, i compare it to that of a 12-year old boy's Christmas. All of her gifts were probably found on letters to Santa across the country aside from the ladies workout outfits. A new set of drums for Guitar Hero and three games. We love playing Left 4 Dead 2 for the 360. My only complaint is having to play most everything online aside from the campaign. It makes me not want to play any more after being voted off by those damn puberty-awaiting punks in my very first game. Luckily, i didn't let it get me down and found a more suitable game and was victorious.

Regretfully, i picked up two shifts this week to help out and to compensate for the two vacation days i took to start off the New Year. Why do i do that every year? Oh well, it worked out in 2009.

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