Wednesday, December 2, 2009

iPhone Apps of the Post

Searching for iPhone Apps could pretty much keep me occupied for an entire calendar year. Initially, i'd just scour the App Store's top 25 free apps, then the top 50 for good measure. Now i spend my time using a random app-finding device called Fluke (clicking opens in iTunes). i don't know that i have actually found much useful stuff, but i keep on searching.

Nice to Have Apps

i think this is one of my favorite apps as far as functionality and ease of use. Along the bottom of the screen it allows you to switch back and forth between, sellout.woot, shirt.woot, wine.woot, and kids.woot. It allows you to scroll through the pictures on top and then pull up the description below. It does not allow you to view comments directly, but it gives you one-touch buttons to get you where you need for more info or to purchase.

1 comment:

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