Saturday, June 25, 2011

People i hate.

1. i may as well start with Tyra Banks. Admittedly, i have seen more ANTM than most dudes probably should, and yes i just used the abbreviation for America's Next Top Model to demonstrate how much i have watched. If you wonder why i hate Tyra Banks, you obviously don't watch. She does some of the most asinine things and thinks just a tad too highly of herself. Does she still have a talk show? Awful.
Quick clip capturing her asininicity

2.  this person. i do not know this person and don't actually hate them as a person, but i'll let you determine why they make this list. Probably deserves a full mini-rant.

3. Smokers at the drive-thru. Especially in the winter when the smoke gets sucked in all the way across the pharmacy. Back when they were contemplating putting a drive-thru in pharmacies, i'm sure they were very concerned with the importance of not inconveniencing smokers when they need to fill their asthma or blood pressure medications. Most of the time when i ask them not to smoke at the drive-thru, they are apologetic, unfortunately i tell them they are already on my list.

4. Smokers that think their cigarette butts belong on the ground wherever they happen to finish their cigarette. Perhaps one day if they get lost out in the world, they can just follow their trail of litter to find their way home.  Just once i want to see someone's car go up in flames as a result of a throwing their cigarette out the window while driving.

"Kind of a harsh lesson, don't you think?" (name that movie)
Please note: i do not hate all smokers. Just the inconsiderate ones. i have a very small part of me that enjoys the faint smell of cigarette smoke in the open air outdoors. Probably because it reminds me of concerts or my dad.

5. Lawn care and construction workers. i'm not really a fan of loud noises while i sleep and unfortunately i sleep during the day when these creatures are most active. One day before going to sleep, i watched them building the house directly behind us and one guy was just hammering on a single board not connected to the house. It looked like his particular job was simply to make noise and piss me off.

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