Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scared to turn the light on.

While one of my few skills around the house actually includes changing light bulbs, we don't use one of our lights out of fear of the day it burns out. It's a ceiling fan light in the middle of our main living room with high ceilings. We typically only turn it on accidentally or on special occasions like for out of town guests. How can you get up there to change those lights? If i had one of those long ladders, even it has to be leaned against something which doesn't work in the middle of the room. i don't get it. It's preventing me from enjoying my everyday life.

In other news, Megan is working for CVS. I tried to warn her, but so far she doesn't mind. Can you believe i've almost been doing nights for 3 years? Holy hell. How much time have i wasted on my off weeks? At least i get a paycheck for the time i waste working. What is time not wasted actually accomplishing anyway?

Exciting news for me. Fountains of Wayne will have a new album in August. Yes they have never been the friendliest band. No not just because I called the lead singer the wrong name after a show once. Either way, always some of my favorite music to listen to, despite our differences. 

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