Friday, November 5, 2010


Have you ever just really dreaded something that is coming up, but you can't really get out of it? This weekend is the mini-marathon we signed up for in Charlotte. To recap, the last time i attempted to run a half marathon such as this back in Indianapolis in like May 2007, i remember reaching the 12 mile mark of the 13.1 mile race and attempting to speed up to finish faster. Eye witness accounts confirmed that after i went down the first time, i attempted to get up and run again before finally blacking out completely. The next thing i remember was waking up in an ice bath followed by an ambulance ride to the hospital. Legend has it that my temperature was somewhere near 105 degrees or so. The worst part about the whole thing, aside from not finishing the race and the stupid medical bills that followed was the fact that they put my iPod in the ice bath with me.
i wish i had thought about this sooner, but i should've made this shirt just in case for this year's race.

On the back, i'll just have my name and insurance information.


  1. don't forget about swearing to (at) the nurse and being very, very excited about your very, very low blood pressure.

  2. I like that shirt idea lol. That sounds pretty scary, though! Maybe with the cooler weather it won't be as bad.

  3. If you dread it and no the posible outcomes, why not just DON'T DO IT OH NO.....that would be a mom's thought.

  4. Whoops no is know my bad!