Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Appreciating Nothing

You never truly appreciate what you don't have until you have it. That's what they always say, or should have said anyway. In this case, i'm talking about little things that can affect your everyday life to the point of being aggravating and disruptive. Some people have headaches or muscle spasms or trouble sleeping.

i thought things were getting better with my sunburn when i was able to sleep half-way on my side last night, but then today i itched. i've never experienced such a dramatic sunburn itching irritation. At times the itch was so intense i was screaming profanities at the cats. After taking a shower (i think the spray just helped scratch areas i couldn't reach), i used aloe which felt like it intensified the itch, i took another shower to wash it off, then i even tried vinegar (desperate times call for Google searches), then i starting popping pills (some Benadryl and ibuprofen). Finally i used some CVS cream with vitamin E i found in my bathroom supplies. After thinking, i am gonna lose this battle, i threw on a shirt and left to run some errands. They sort of subsided to a tolerable point, but now that i'm just sitting here thinking about it, i feel like they're creeping back.

Just be thankful for everything you have and more importantly, the things you don't have.


  1. Benadryl and some pain killers are usually my go to for bad sunburns. I've also found that staying busy helps take my mind off of it, especially during the itchy stage. Good luck, Sam!

  2. Agreed. i think keeping the mind off of it is key.