Thursday, February 11, 2010

Seems Illegal

i had my sorta-annual eye exam the other month and during that visit received the usual reminders that i should change my contacts out more often and what not. Upon corneal evaluation, the eye doc was concerned about some minor problems in the eye caused by overuse and wanted me to follow up in a few weeks to see if there was any improvement.
When the time came for my follow-up, i called and told them i didn't really think i needed a followup appointment. They said they could reschedule and were insistent that i come in and told me it should just be a $30 copay. Fine, i went in and the eyes looked fine. Then a few weeks later in the mail i get a bill for $184 featuring two corneal photographic evaluations and an office visit fee. "You Bastards!" i probably said out loud.

After contemplating just paying it, i decided i would go in and complain about the unnecessary procedure and wasting my money. What else am i going to do on my off week?

So  i go in and when i tell them why i am there, she goes in back and tells the office manager. As i sit there prepared to just pay the stupid bill not knowing what i'm expecting them to do, she comes out five minutes later and tells me, "Oh you weren't supposed to get a bill. Usually the insurance covers these things and if they don't, we just write it off." Shocked and satisfied, i leave. i'm no expert, but is that not some sort of insurance fraud? Send some high bill to the insurance, take what they give and just ignore the rest of the jacked up cost?

Either way, i'm $184 less poor than i would've been.

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